University Games Big Brain Academy Board Game Review

University Games Big Brain Academy Board Game Review
University Games Big Brain Academy Game



Everyone can play it, Simple rules


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Don't worry too much though, it's speed and accuracy that really count in the game of Big Brain Academy.

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Finding an activity for the whole family to do can be tough, with everyone having their own ideas about what actually constitutes a good time. Board games have been an age-old classic that usually gets everyone on board, but once you’ve played them all they can seem repetitive.

To really give your family the best of both worlds, there are some educational board games that exercise the brain while entertaining everyone. You won’t even realize that you’re learning because you’ll be having so much fun, and you can rest easy knowing that your kids are giving their brains a workout too.

Finding the right educational board game that doesn’t end up boring everyone can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Many games are cheaply made or offer only 10 minutes of play before kids start getting tired of them.

You want something fun, easy to use, but challenging enough to keep you thinking, and that’s exactly what this one board game promises to deliver.

University Games Big Brain Academy Board Game is based on the popular Nintendo game and it promises to be fun and stimulating for the whole family. We’re going to find out more about what it offers and what people are saying about their playing experience so you can decide whether it’s a good fit for your family.

About The Product

University Games Big Brain Academy Game

University Games is a leader in the world of board games, and the brand was started by two friends who saw just how much fun their families used to have playing their favorites. Big Brain Academy is their board game based on the Nintendo DS title, and it seems even better when you play this version of it.

Big Brain Academy Board Game is suitable for up to six players which means the whole family can get in on the fun, but best of all it’s actually educational while also being entertaining. When you invest in this game for your home, you’ll be getting:

  • Complete board game with cards, timer, puzzle pieces, dry erase pen, and more;
  • Suitable for ages eight years and up;
  • 4-6 players can enjoy it at a time;
  • Mental fitness every time you play;
  • Team play game for the whole family;

The concept of the game is simple, everyone takes a turn answering questions and whoever gets one right will win a token. After five rounds, the tokens are weighed up using the Brain-o-Meter to see who has the heaviest brain.

This game is so much more than that though, and promotes brain activity and exercises those parts of your mind that usually lay dormant, but wraps it all up in a fun package.

This game is perfect for friends and family to enjoy and offers a little more than your usual board game. You’ll laugh and exercise your brain while playing with the ones you love, and it’ll provide hours of fun with just the one investment.

What To Expect From Big Brain Academy

If you’re sick of the usual board games that everyone tires of after 10 minutes then this one will change your outlook. Big Brain Academy is a lively game and people will be excited to answer questions, so you truly get everyone involved.

The only real complaint was that on some cards where there is meant to be a hidden answer, you can see without using the special revealer glasses. This means you’ll have to be careful during gameplay that nobody cheats and looks at the answer before they’re meant to.

This small design issue aside, this is truly a fun game that won’t feel at all like it’s educational. The best part is the end where everyone weighs up their brain tokens to see who was the winner, and it’s a great way to hide the workout that everyone’s minds are getting.

The recommended age for this is eight years and up, but some younger kids may be able to play as part of a team. The questions are quite versatile and of varying difficulty so everyone will get to take a turn answering them.

Buying Advice

University Games Big Brain Academy Game Back Side

To get a good price on University Games Big Brain Academy Board Game, check out Amazon to see what they have to offer. Their current price is around $21 which is better value than you’ll find in the store, and it means you don’t have to go anywhere to have it sent straight to your door.

Even better, Amazon offers free shipping on this board game so you save even more. Those with an Amazon Prime account will get their usual free express shipping option so within 48 hours you could be playing big Brain Academy in just two days with your family.

This is a great game to have stored away for those days and nights when you’re looking for something fun to do or just if you want to get your brains working. Otherwise, you might want to purchase Big Brain Academy as a gift for an upcoming birthday or holiday season and pass on the educational fun to another family.

The Verdict

Board games will never go out of style, and when you manage to combine fun and learning the way that University Games has with Big Brain Academy, you can’t go wrong. This is a great investment for any family and will keep all ages entertained for hours, proving its value.

This is the perfect alternative to video games or for bored kids who feel as though they’ve done it all. To get yourself the University Games Big Brain Academy and inject a little fun and learning into family game night, click on the button below to get it today.

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