Think Fun Solitaire Chess Review

Think Fun Solitaire Chess Review
Think Fun Brain Fitness Solitaire Chess Game



80 different challenges, Quite compact, Perfect size


Re-play value


Whether you're a chess expert or you've never played before, this is the perfect way to have a little fun while giving your brain a healthy snack.

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Think about an average day that you have and how many times you rely on your brain to remember something or figure out a problem using logic. When you realize just how much we use our brains and how important they are at work, home, and all other aspects of life, you start to see why they matter.

Training your brain is just as important as training your body, yet people never work out their brains the same way they hit the gym or go for a run each day. With just 15 minutes a day, you can significantly improve your brain function and boost your memory, and it’s all a matter of finding the right way to do it.

For some people, they like to do puzzles, for others, it might be card games, but if you’ve tried both and found yourself getting bored you might be looking for more. What you need is a game that combines two of the most popular strategy and logic games into one, and that’s exactly what we’ve found.

Think Fun Solitaire Chess is a game that offers the best parts of chess with the best parts of solitaire, and playing for just 15 minutes a day will do you wonders. We’re going to look at what this game is all about and whether it makes a worthy investment for your brain’s workout.

About The Product

Playing Think Fun Brain Fitness Solitaire Chess Game

Think Fun is a brand that understands the importance of exercising your brain. They’ve created a range of games and activities that actually make it fun to learn, and in the process, you’ll be improving your memory and sharpening your logic skills.

The Think Fun Solitaire Chess game is part of their Brain Fitness range which is like a workout routine just for your mind. This game works with so many essential parts of your brain, like improving logical deduction, critical thinking, and spatial reasoning. You might be exercising but it will certainly feel like a lot of fun.

This is a single player game, and according to Think Fun, just 15 minutes a day is all you’ll need. You won’t get to see your brain getting stronger but you’ll certainly feel it after just a few weeks, and its all thanks to this innovative game. The Think Fun Solitaire Chess game comes complete with:

  • Four varying levels of play for beginners through to experts;
  • Has 80 different challenges to enjoy;
  • Ten solid chess pieces and challenge booklet;
  • Ideal for players aged 8 and up;
  • Single player game to enjoy whenever you want;
  • Can be played for just 15 minutes a day;

The minimum age on this product is eight years old, and thanks to the many levels it can be enjoyed by all ages. Whether you’re trying to improve your memory, regain some brain function, or just want to start working out your mind, this is the way to go.

Pros And Cons Of Solitaire Chess

Solitaire Chess actively works your brain and can give you results with just minutes a day. Like a HIIT workout or quick run, you’ll get good results in minimal time so it’s perfect for people who don’t have a lot of hours in the day to spare.

This game is better suited to younger players around 8 – 12 years old, based off of the reviews. There are some older kids who found it too easy and others who found it a challenge, so it really depends on your child or the person playing it.

For those kids who do find it challenging, they’ll get so much use out of it. This one game comes with 80 different challenges to try so if they’re doing just 15 minutes a day it will take quite a long time to work their way through it all.

Solitaire Chess is quite compact so if you’re looking for a bigger game then keep shopping. It’s the perfect size for travel or playing virtually anywhere, but for those who prefer something more sizeable, this isn’t it. So that you don’t lose any of the small chess pieces, it’s best to get a carry bag to keep them all together.

Buying Advice

Think Fun Brain Fitness Solitaire Chess Game

Amazon has a great selection of mind games on their site and plenty on offer from Think Fun. The Solitare Chess game can be purchased there for under $15 so it’s affordable to purchase for home or as a gift for someone you know.

Members of Amazon Prime won’t have to pay anything for shipping of this item and it’ll arrive at your door in just 48 hours. Normally those without Prime would have to pay a few dollars extra to have it shipped, but currently, Amazon has a promotion that offers free standard shipping as well.

This is a great game to have ready for birthday parties or holiday season and makes the ideal present for young minds. They’ll have fun playing it and actually be learning while they do, so it ticks all of the boxes.

The Verdict

To help your child or teenager improve their brain power and make their lives easier, Think Fun’s Solitaire Chess is the perfect gift. With 80 different challenges, it will give them days of entertainment, and they only have to play it for 15 minutes a day to see the benefits.

Think Fun is known for their impressive range of brain training games and this one is no exception. This game combines the best of solitaire and chess while making it seems like fun. To get the Solitaire Chess game for yourself or as a gift for someone you know, click on the button below to find out more about it.

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