Think Fun Shell Game Review

Think Fun Shell Game Review
Think Fun Shell Game



Improves memory, Build logic skills, Fun exercise


Small pieces


Memory improvement game that brings a twist to the old shuffler games made famous by street artists!

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There’s nothing like playing a board game for a bit of fun, but once you’ve enjoyed all of the old favorites at home, you might be looking for something unique. No matter your age, you need board games to be entertaining, but if you can learn a thing or two in the process then they can be even better.

Games today can be quite complex and with far too many bits and pieces. Imagine having a simple yet entertaining game that boosts your memory and improves brain power, that both kids and adults would enjoy.

The shell game has been a favorite for those who want to improve their memory or show off how good their brain power was, and now you can get it in a handy board game format. This simple memory game is now available to play at home and everyone will want to have a turn at showing just how good their memory is.

The Think Fun Shell Game puts an exciting new twist on this classic game actually makes you learn something while you play. We’re going to check out what it’s all about and who this game would suit, so you know if it’s a worthy addition to your board game collection.

About The Product

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Think Fun is a brand that specializes in exactly what their name promises; they create games that are fun but also make you think. They have a range of activities and games to build brain power, improve memory, and entertain yourself and the rest of the family.

The Shell Game is a unique spin on the classic memory game where you have to remember which shell is hiding the prize. What makes it such a great game is that you’re actually building your logic and improving memory while having fun, offering so much more than a regular board game.

Think Fun Shell Game can be played by all ages thanks to the different challenge levels available. When you invest in this board game for your home, workplace or school collection, you’ll get all of this and more:

  • Complete game set with seashells, hermit crabs, and ocean stones;
  • Challenge booklet with rules and hints;
  • Exercises your brain, builds logic and improves memory;
  • 60 challenges to play;
  • Single player game;
  • Four progressive levels to continue challenging yourself;

If you’re someone who loves to play games alone but you’ve grown tired of other classics like Solitaire, the Shell Game is a great alternative. This game can be enjoyed by all ages thanks to the different levels of difficulty you can play and the colorful beach-themed pieces will appeal to everyone.

What To Expect From Think Fun Shell Game

If you’ve ever played the shell game before you’ll be amazed at how much more fun this version is. Many of the reviews claim they spent hours playing by themselves and all the while you’re learning and don’t even realize it.

This game is suitable for all ages but is especially helpful for those trying to build their memory up. This could mean the elderly, those who have lost some brain function, or people who struggle with their everyday forgetfulness. Because you’re playing a game at the same time you won’t even realize how much fun you’re having.

Another great thing about this game is the number of challenges you can play with just the one set. There are up to 60 different games playable so it’ll take months or years to get through it all so you’ll never be bored.

The game itself is played on the spiral booklet and it’s quite small. This means you’ll need to need to be quite careful with all of the pieces in order to keep them all together. Playing with small children requires some supervision otherwise pieces will get easily lost.

Buying Advice

Think Fun Shell Game

If you want to get the Think Fun Shell Game for yourself and boost your memory while getting some entertainment, head to Amazon for a great price. The Shell Game is currently on sale for under $18 which is exceptional value when you think about how many hours of enjoyment it will bring you.

Shopping on Amazon also gets you free shipping when you spend over $35 so buying two of these will help you qualify. They make a good gift for all ages and it’s handy to have hanging around for the next birthday or holiday season that comes around.

Members of Amazon Prime will have theirs shipped for no cost and also get the express postage option. This means within 48 hours you could be enjoying the Think Fun Shell Game for yourself or giving it as a meaningful gift to someone you love.

Be mindful that the manufacturer recommends ages 8 and up for this game, but that doesn’t mean younger kids can’t enjoy it. If you have a child that’s gifted or likes a challenge this the ideal way to encourage them to learn. Young children should be watched though, as the smaller pieces could pose a hazard.

The Verdict

It’s rare to find something that’s so much fun but also educational, but that’s exactly what the Think Fun Shell Game delivers. If you’ve been looking for a way to improve your memory or exercise your brain, or just want some entertainment for home, this is an affordable option.

With up to 60 challenges possible on just this one game, there will be months or years of entertainment from the one purchase. To find out more about the Shell Game and see what everyone is saying about it, click on the button below to check it out for yourself.

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