Think Fun Pathwords Game Review

Think Fun Pathwords Game Review
Think Fun Brain Fitness Pathwords Game



Fun exercise, Builds vocabulary, Perfect for both puzzlers and word game lovers


Age restricted


For word search lovers who want a little extra brain workout, this is the game for you!

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Our kids are the most important thing to us and we always want what’s best for them. This is why you can’t help but feel guilty when you leave them to watch TV or play video games for hours, knowing that there has to be something better for them to do.

Thankfully, there are many games out there that you can feel good about letting your child play. Games that keep them busy and entertained so they’re having fun, but also games that teach them at the same time.

We now know how important it is to exercise our brains just as we would the rest of our body. For our children, this is especially important while they’re in the developmental stages. Therefore, choosing the right games and activities that will do more than just keep them busy should be your first priority.

Think Fun is a brand that focuses on these types of games and it’s their goal to educate your child and exercise their brain, but do it in a fun way. Pathwords is one of their most popular games aimed at improving their vocabulary and it does so with a series of fun challenges that any child would be delighted to play.

About The Product

Think Fun Brain Fitness Pathwords Game

The human brain is a complex body part and capable of so much more than we give it credit for. Thinkwords is a company who creates games and activities that exercise our brains and make them more powerful than we ever thought possible.

Their games are for kids and adults alike, and all serve the purpose of training the brain and exercising it so that it performs even better for you.

Pathwords is a game that’s all about vocabulary and it’s just like an extreme version of a word search. If you’re someone who loves word games, puzzles, or just wants to get your mind moving, this is the perfect game for you. Designed for kids aged 12 years and older, there’s really no limit to who can enjoy it.

Pathwords is an affordable way to train your brain and in the one package, you get so many hours of play. When you purchase this skill and logic game, you’ll get:

  • A fun word game that offers four different levels of difficulty;
  • A way to build vocabulary;
  • Strengthens reasoning skills and visual perception;
  • Ideal for children aged 12 years and up;
  • Perfect for people who love puzzles and word games;
  • 80 different challenges possible with just one game;

This game has been designed for teenagers but adults can benefit from it as well. It makes a great way to pass the time at home, an alternative to video games and TV, or an ideal gift for kids or teenagers in your family. You’ll exercise your brain and improve your vocabulary, which could certainly be helpful in your daily life.

Pros And Cons Of Think Fun Pathwords

Pathwords is the perfect way to exercise your brain for those who love words. If you don’t love words but need to improve your vocabulary then this is the way to go. You won’t realize just how much you can do with some letters and the challenges, and with over 80 of them to get through it can take quite some time.

There isn’t much to this game, including a spiral-bound notebook and some playing pieces. While it might seem to some that the value for money isn’t there, it’s not until you get into the gameplay that you realize how many hours of entertainment it actually offers.

The recommendation for this game is for ages 12 years and up but it could be enjoyed by younger players too. Some reviews even claim that their elderly parents were also spending hours with Pathwords which shows how versatile it is for all members of the family.

Buying Advice

Think Fun Brain Fitness Pathwords Game

There are so many great brain training games available on Amazon from Think Fun, and Pathwords is the ideal choice for those who love their words. Currently, they have a discount offered on the game so you can purchase it for just under $20 from the site.

This also includes a free shipping promotion that requires no minimum spend, so you only have to buy one game to benefit.

Members of Amazon Prime will also get free shipping but theirs will be sent with the express option. This means the game will arrive on your doorstep within 48 hours for you to enjoy. This is perfect for last minute gift ideas or if you just can’t wait to get started with exercising your brain.

This game is great to keep at home and store it away for a rainy day when your kids get bored, or you can take advantage of the discounted price and stock up on it for future gift ideas. There are plenty of other games in the Think Fun range that exercise your brain and improve logic and other mental skills, so they’re definitely worth checking out.

The Verdict

We know just how beneficial it is to exercise your brain, and if you have a love for words or want to improve your vocabulary specifically, Think Fun Pathwords is the ideal choice. This game will not only boost your vocabulary but also strength perception and reasoning, so it’s good for more than just that.

Pathwords can be played by most members of the family, young and old, and with over 80 challenges you’ll never get bored of it. To check out what all the fuss is about and read more on Think Fun Pathwords, click on the button below to get it for yourself.

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