The Five Habits of Highly Effective Brains

We are turning to a world where the brain is the most valuable asset one could possess. All the fancy and most expensive things you can think of don’t stand a chance against the human brain. Take time to contemplate and look around; all the greatest inventions and structures of the world are attributed to the brain. The world’s tallest building of Burj Khalifa, Great Wall of China and the Pyramids of Giza are examples and evidences of how much our brain is able to achieve.

It is thus important to take care of the brain. We live in a world where people give more attention to physical fitness and tend to forget about brain fitness. Success and happiness come down to both your physical and mental health. People with highly effective brains practice habits that keep their bodies and mind healthy. You too can develop these habits to maintain your cognitive and mental health.

Just like any other organ of the body, the brain needs special attention and care. Research shows that your brain could be trained and manipulated to work as you want. Developing positive habits influences the brain to work in a similar manner. For the required success and happiness, it’s essential to develop healthy habits will which will improve your brain power, regardless of your age and health.

With that said, let’s look at 5 of these highly recommended habits.

  1. Take Charge Of Your Nutrition

Research shows that the brain consumes over 20% of nutrients and oxygen inhaled despite being less than 2% of the body mass. You therefore need to look closely into what you take into your body if you wish to be more creative. Try to avoid highly-processed and sugary foods at all costs. People with higher effective brains opt for healthy and natural foods for their diets. These foods comprise fruits, vegetables, saturated fats and fatty acids as suggested by nutritional experts. Junk foods and drugs rapidly kill the brain cells and the side effects may be felt after extended periods, if they don’t appear during early stages. Also, you may consider using brain supplements as an alternative to healthy diet as a way of boosting your brain power, though this doesn’t give you the privilege of turning to junks. Supplements are quite simple to use, with some being relatively cheap. Their results are encouraging according to thousands of reviews from users. There are a number of supplement brands in the market and a vast of options to choose from. You, however want to go for those made from natural ingredients free from caffeine and other harmful substances.

  1. Get Enough Sleep And Rest

Nothing is as comforting and relaxing as a good, undisturbed sleep, especially after a long day of work. Neuroscience research reveals that stress hormones like cortisol impair your brain thinking capacity. They hinder the brain’s capacity to think clearly and generate new ideas. Assist your brain to release these hormones by providing yourself with ample time to relax and meditate. Leading entrepreneurs and inventors have in the past shared some insights on their success and it surprised many that one big secret to this was having a consistent and uninterrupted sleeping schedule. Some of their genius ideas came when they were sleeping or meditating. This is when the mind is fresh. A good sleep relieves you of both physical and mental stress. Afternoon naps, commonly known as power naps will provide the best energy booster, according to findings of a recent Harvard University study.

  1. Keep Learning

Highly effective brains are constantly trying out new experiences. The brain, like other muscles in your body, is constantly evolving and re-wiring its neuronal and synaptic networks. Instead of waiting for it to change automatically, you could train it to function as you want through continuous and constant practice. Training yourself persistently strengthens the cells and speeds up their function. Motivate yourself to learning new things on a daily basis and having positive thoughts. Read more and learn new facts. Change your attitude towards things and try different ways to solve problems. Do not be afraid to think outside the box. There is power in what you think, and you can achieve whatever you want by just having the right mindset.

  1. Develop Positive Relationships

Keep positive relationships in your life at all times. The brain health isn’t entirely about nutrition and the amounts of sleep we have but also the type of people we interact with and how we spend our days. Surround yourself with the right people; intellects who are creative and influence you to think big and positive. You are able to solve stressful situations better when you hold positive attitude towards life as compared to when you are pessimistic about it.

Another thing is that you should embrace laughing. Research shows that laughing releases hormones called endorphins; pretty much the opposite of the stress-related cortisol hormones. Endorphins heal the body by releasing you from the toxic effects of cortisol. So, take time to have fun times and laugh. Engage yourself in activities which encourage laughing. Watch comedies and react to the humorous jokes. Live, laugh, love!

  1. Exercise More!

What is good for the heart is also good for the brain, experts say. By this, they mean that carrying out constant physical exercises could go a long way in improving your brain health, same as your body. Be physically active by sparing as little as 10-15 minutes of your time to engage in exercise. Exercising your body also sharpens your brains. A moderate physical activity 3-4 times a week can enhance brain function in terms of improved mood and cognitive function. There are specific kinds of exercises which health experts can recommend and help you with. For those of you who aren’t conversant with these or are too occupied or lazy to make it to the gym, you can start small. For example, you could opt for the staircase instead of elevator. You can also do small exercises which don’t require you to visit the gym, such as yoga and push-ups. Also, spare time in the evening for a stroll around the neighborhood as you contemplate and meditate on issues. Being physically fit provides the brain with the right environment for growth and maximum functioning.


We’re no longer living at the times when physical energy and strength defined a person. We now live at an age where you are judged by your mental capacity; your levels of skills and creativity define who you are. Creativity produces innovations and inventions. What many people do not know is that geniuses don’t possess more brain power than the normal people. Instead, they’re more efficient in using the brain. By engaging in the right habits of effective brains, you could become a genius in your own right!

You are now conversant with the right habits to boost your brain health. Do not just practice for a few days and quit, consistency is key. Engage yourself in the right activities and you will be sharp despite the age!

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