The Best Brain Training Apps

More and more people are finding ways to improve their memory, concentration skills and mental performance. Why has the need for sharper focus and agility of cognitive skills become increasingly important?

Simply because our lives have become more demanding due to technology and a stressful workload. Young and old have reaped the advantages of using brain apps to improve thinking skills, memory and overall mental performance.

Studies have shown using brain apps only a few minutes every day can improve your mental alertness and slow down the natural aging of your brain. The secret lies in building your skills through repetition and consistent practice for the brain training app to be effective.

We’ve reviewed five of the best brain training apps available on the market currently, that work with your Android or iOS smartphone. Before we share the list, let’s look at how brain training apps work in principle and what are the main benefits attached to it.

How Does it Work?

These are some of the basic functions you can find in most brain training apps:


The brain training app has a built-in function that allows you to track your performance over some time. You’ll be able to detect the areas that need improvement and set goals to increase your performance in the workouts.

Concentration games

The app makes use of playful interactive games to improve your concentration and learning abilities. The games are designed to challenge your existing mental skills and stretch it to its full potential.


It’s useful having individual statistics to see where you’re improving and what areas need more focus. Most of the brain training apps have the intelligence to provide in-depth statistics with tips on where to improve.

Benefits of Brain Training Apps

Here are some interesting benefits reported with using these apps:

  • It helps build your vocabulary and acts as a stress reliever
  • People with learning disabilities find it helpful in improving working memory and the speed of processing information
  • It improves your growth mindset and allows you to further develop your intelligence and innate talents
  • It improves your memory through repetition and regular practice
  • It challenges your level of understanding and provides challenging tasks for your specific level of mental capacity

Top Five Brain Training Apps


With over 95 million members subscribed to this app globally, it ranks as the world’s favorite brain training app. The app uses neuroscience research to design five-minute workouts to improve your cognitive skills and memory.

You start with a 10-minute assessment at the beginning to determine your level of mental skills compared to your peers. This becomes the launch pad from where the app designs workouts to stretch and increase your mental faculties.

The app can determine your brain’s brawniest training area by using problem-solving games, math games, memory games and speed games. The app also offers relaxation techniques and has a special focus on mindfulness.

You can download the app for free from your app store and it’s compatible with all Android and iPhone devices. You’re allowed three games per day once you’ve created an account with Lumosity and if you’re an active member.


This app is one of the most popular brain training apps currently available. It uses a different approach than most of the other brain training apps by applying context and meaning to objects. It also applies a unique technique called spaced repetition to assist you with memorizing items.

This is ideal for people who need to memorize key information for tests or phone numbers. The ability to retain facts and simple details such as quotes, bank details and numbers is possible. Simply download the app from your Android device or iPhone and get started.

The app is free to download and you’ll receive notifications on when is the best time to test yourself. The rationale around spacing the test over time is to ensure the information is retained in your long term memory.


Do you need more mental agility? This app offers a systematic training program that improves your mental health. The program is offered in a game format to make training enjoyable and easy to complete.

The program was built on neuroplasticity concepts and neuroscience. The focus is on improving your attention span and overall focus. Improved memory through repetitive games also becomes possible when you use this app.

If you’re the competitive type you’ll be able to challenge your friends online to see who fares better. You can easily track your progress and retrieve valuable insights on your brain health. Download the app free from your app store if you’re using an Android or iPhone device.

MentalUP Educational Games

This app has 100 compelling brain games to pick from. All these games are designed to improve your attention skills and overall learning ability. Even though the brain games are easy to understand it’s still challenging enough to stretch your mental abilities.

You get a detailed report after each task is completed to ascertain the progress made and the app keeps a record of all your successes. The insights help you gain a better understanding of the areas that need more attention and you can select specific games for that purpose.

The app is available for free in your app store and can be downloaded if you’re using an Android or iPhone device. This app promises to keep you entertained while you learn nonstop.


Elevate personalizes your training tasks to improve your processing speed and cognitive abilities. There are specific games that focus on memory improvement and others develop concentration skills.

What makes this app unique is the increased focus on grammar and vocabulary building. It can improve the way you communicate and teaches you listening and reading skills. The tracking feature allows you to evaluate your performance and identify the areas that need more work.

The app is compatible with Android and iPhone devices and can be downloaded for free from your app store.


We all need a little help to increase our performance these days. With so many demands from work, home and social obligations it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and forgetful at times. By using a brain training app you’re improving your memory, concentration levels and cognitive skills.

Join millions of users all around the world today and enjoy the many benefits of a brain training app. You can reach your full potential if you start training your brain every day.

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