Neurella Extra Strength Brain Supplement Review

Neurella Extra Strength Brain Supplement – Powerful Brain Food & Memory Booster. Improve Focus, Clarity & Energy. Mental Performance Nootropic – Reduce Memory Loss & Brain Fog. Nutritional Brain Fuel
  • NOOTROPIC BRAIN SUPPLEMENT - Our fast-acting, memory-boosting blend was carefully formulated by Neurological experts to provide the perfect mix of ingredients to increase your brain focus, reduce brain fog, reduce memory loss and spark your brain's full potential. Through our core principles of quality, integrity and transparency, we emphasize the fact that our product is made in America; without any cheap shortcuts; and is not a proprietary blend.
  • MEMORY, FOCUS & CLARITY - Neurella is a “Nootropic”, meaning that it was formulated to help support memory and cognition. The unique combination in this blend is crafted to help support oxygen and circulation in the brain, brain cells and neurons. With Neurella’s Vegan edition you’ll see a reduction in brain fog, an increase in clear cognitive function, better physical athletic balance and motor function.
  • BOOST BRAIN FOCUS & MENTAL PERFORMANCE – Neurella is a superior mental performance nootropic formulated to increase circulation to the brain and support energy levels, focus and mental clarity. Neurella Improves and regulates mind function over the short & long-term. Brain Optimizing Ingredients: B-12, Sensoril, Huperzine-A, Cognizin, Coenzyme Q10, N-Acetyl Cysteine, C3, Dimethylglycine, Grape Skin Extract, Synapsa, Rhodiola Rosea, Green Tea Extract and more!
  • BRAIN FOG - Although not an official medical term, many people complain about Brain Fog to their healthcare professional. Even some doctors use Brain Fog as a term to describe factors such as stress, inflammation, oxidation, high sugar, anxiety, depression, low energy, vitamin deficiency and general metabolic derangement. Whether through poor diet or old age, when debris is created faster than the body can clear it away, those toxins build up in our system and slow down our ability to process.
  • REDUCE MEMORY LOSS - The real-world experience and knowledge of our medical team that developed Neurella means that each component of Neurella is not only time-tested but clinically successful in the realm of actually addressing brain fog. The team of brain experts who helped formulate Neurella includes neurologists, psychiatrists, neuro-psychiatrists, exercise physiologists, neuropsychologists, herbalist and acupuncture-trained medical doctors and memory experts to help Reduce memory loss.

Price: Around $47.49 – Available on

Pros: Free from caffeine, 12 powerful brain optimizing ingredients combined, fast and noticeable results.

Cons: Not FDA Approved.

Summary: TheNeurella Extra Strength Brain Supplement is developed by an experienced team of brain experts through blending 12 powerful and researched amounts of natural substances to boost brain power. It will supplement your diet with key natural ingredients and abundant, potent anti-oxidants that will nourish your brain and support neural networks.

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Day to day activities can be physically and mentally taxing upon your health. As time goes by, you may find yourself struggling to stay alert, focused, and productive. These concerns can certainly cause your performance and functionality to falter, whether you’re at home, work or with friends and family. When age is catching up with you or recently had a head injury, you need a supplement that will not only boost and accelerate your cognitive functioning but also provide your brain with the required energy and oxygen supply. The Neurella Extra Strength Brain Supplement has been designed specifically for this purpose. The Neurological team behind its manufacture combined the 12 most potent brain ingredients and formulated them into one capsule, the Neurella’s Brain Supplement.

Brain fog is common nowadays and is caused by factors that can affect anyone. Medical doctors use the term brain fog to refer to factors that drain away our brain health. These include stress, inflammation, anxiety, depression, oxidation, low energy and vitamin deficiency among others. The answer to this problem lies with the Neurella Extra Strength Brain Supplement. This cognitive enhancer provides the brain with all of the key nutrients, minerals, and other compounds essential in maximizing one’s cognitive health, energy, and performance.

About The Product

Neurella Brain Supplement is manufactured by Neurella Labs, INC. The Nootropic aims at improving the life of those battling with brain related problems. When selecting a nootropic formula, it is advisable to go for one that is manufactured by trustworthy and experienced team who know what it takes to improve one’s mental health. For this matter, psychologists, neurologists, psychiatrists, neuro-psychiatrists, herbalists and medical doctors were teamed up to share in their expertise towards achieving this goal. The result is visible; one of the most powerful brain supplement the market could offer you.

So, what should you expect from the Neurella Extra Strength Brain Supplement? What makes it a superior product than its competitors? As earlier mentioned, this supplement was designed by blending 12 of the most powerful brain supplements. This is something rarely seen with other nootropic supplements. And if by any chance there are, their functionality isn’t as maximized as this product.

Each ingredient used to make this supplement works differently to achieve the same purpose. Moreover, all components have been clinically and time tested for efficiency and safety. The supplement is unlike others made by unscrupulous manufacturers in the market rushing to make money.

The  formula is inclusive of herbal, botanical, vitamin and other biologically active molecules such as CoQ10 and NAC all which assist in your brain functioning. These ingredients assist oxygen to circulate in the brain cells and neurons. Other ingredients which help achieve this purpose include B-12, Sensoril, Cognizin, Huperzine A, Grape Skin Extract, and Green Tea Extract among others.

With the Neurella Extra Strength Brain Supplement, this is what you’ll be settling for:

  • Pure and natural ingredients with no caffeine content.
  • Focus and mental clarity.
  • Better memory and recall.
  • 60 capsules per bottle
  • Recommended dosage of 4 capsules daily
  • Improved oxygen circulation to the nerve cells and added energy to the brain.

Pros and Cons of Neurella Extra Strength Brain Supplement

The category of people to benefit from this powerful supplement aren’t limited to only the aged and brain injured, the Neuro Extra Strength Brain Supplement is formulated to benefit many people. Students wishing to burn the midnight oil will find this supplement very helpful. Professionals who wish to optimize their mental performance by boosting energy and reducing stress will also benefit. Neurella Brain Supplement is also designed for athletes who wish to psyche themselves up. Remember, it is equally important to train the brain as much as the body. Finally, stroke victims and people suffering from dementia are highly recommended by medical specialists to seek the benefits accrued by Neurella Extra Strength Brain Supplement.

How does the Neurella Extra Strength Brain Supplement improve and protect your brain? Well, it does this in a number of ways. First, the supplement shields your brain from the inside out, just like an helmet. This is from internal threats to the brain. The result is that the brain is kept intact to able to function optimally. Secondly, it protects the nerve cells from wear and tear. After much work and with age, the cells start dying slowly. The Neurella Supplement provides the brain with the required components for repair and healing.

That’s not all. The supplement fuels and provides the brain with key chemicals which are involved in energy production and communication. Also, it improves and regulates the brain functioning over both short and long terms. Lastly, the supplement neutralizes factors that encourage age related damage such as stress, inflammation and free radicals.

A drawback to this supplement, just like many others, is that it hasn’t been evaluated and approved by the FDA. Caution should therefore be taken while using it. Also, the daily dosage for the supplement is 4 capsules per day and should be taken together with a meal. This might inconvenience you during the times when you aren’t eating and need to take the pills.

Buying Advice

The Neurella Extra Strength Brain Supplement retails at $47.49 at Amazon. This price is for the 60 capsules bottle. This can be interpreted to 0.40$ per capsule. This amount is slightly cheaper than the 30 capsule bottle which retails at $49.99 ($0.42$/Count). There are two flavors with this supplement, the vegan and the non-vegan. The vegan type is more expensive than its counterpart. The vegan flavor retails at $54.99 ($0.56/Count). Whatever option you decide to go with, the Neurella Supplement won’t cause a huge dent on your pocket. Moreover, every cent spent on it is worth it.

The Verdict

There is no shame in turning to nootropic supplements for a little help with your brain. If you decide to do so, then go for the best in the market. The Neurella Extra Strength Brain Supplement is tailored to provide you with the best and quick results. It carries an extensive ingredient profile that was created by a diverse team, and appears to be more of a legitimate supplement than a bill of goods.

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