halo sport review

halo sport review

Halo Neuroscience is a 2017 Fast Company Award  winner for the most innovative company in the Fitness industry. This came after the release of their first headset product in fitness, Halo Sport. The original Halo Sport uses pulses of energy to prime the brain. By signaling the motor cortex (responsible for different muscle groups), this neurostimulation device powers workouts, skills and endurance in a what’s called neuropriming.

The company based in San Francisco, California, partners with the U.S. Olympic team, U.S. Naval Special Warfare and Titleist Performance Institute in the generation of fitness-oriented products.

It’s through healthcare and health technology that the Halo Neuroscience headset was developed to create a ‘hyper learning’ state. It’s a project backed by over 15 years of research and 4000+ peer reviewed research papers. According to Donald Hebb, one of most cited psychologist of the 20th century, learning is through repetition. Our brains learn the same way; the more you practice something the more you understand how it’s done.

First users of the first headset agreed to have noticed improvements during their training sessions. Revealed at CES 2019, the product was originally available to professional athletes, but since April last year, the availability was extended to the general public.

Our Verdict: This second generation of Halo Neuroscience neuropriming wearable features Bluetooth music, improved sound quality, design upgrades, more content, reminders and an overall excellent neuropriming experience. Also, the new Primer band doesn’t need to be recharged. It was made to be accessible to everyone retailing at the same price as high-end headphones from the likes of Beats, Sony and Bose. Beats Pro. Therefore, it’s a unique fitness or learning product that you can try for better results.

Overview and Features

Halo Neuroscience Headset 2, looks like a general set of headphones. However, upon a closer look, it’s something different. It transmits weak direct currents (below 2-3 mA) for a few minutes through your scalp. The transmitted currents stimulate the motor cortex, therefore, activating the neurons and increasing the brain synaptic connections in the learning process.

You may opt to use it to play your music over the Bluetooth device. Setting it up requires a smartphone that supports Halo Sport 2 app and pairing through Bluetooth. Proceed to activate the activity that you need.

For an effective connection with the scalp, you need to make the headset primer band contact points wet. The primer band is easily removable and returnable into place. You can wear your Halo Neuroscience Headset 2 just like normal headphones, although they feel a little bit heavier. Let’s have a look at its advanced features.

Halo Neuroscience Headset 2 App

Using this device requires an accompanying app. Neuroscience app came in to eliminate the downsides of the original corded headset. Currently, it’s easy to play music, unlike the older version that used to feel distractive during exercises. The app also features reminders, tracking and brain tips.

Legally Protected

Being a product of a study by the U.S. Naval Special Warfare and the top institutions in the U.S, it is supported through the policies created. It is bound by over 15 patents assuring the user of productive experience. The government approves of the headset for its athletes and Olympics teams, thereby fortifying it against any modifications and policies that may harm the user.

Removable Electrode Band

Halo Neuroscience Headset 2 is designed with a removable electrode band. This is in case you need to listen to music alone without using the brain stimulator. Therefore setting it as a multipurpose product for relaxation and training sessions.

Exclusive Sound

Although it’s a health technology-based product, it takes pride in being exclusive in performing excellently in the music part. Users enjoy high definition music during sessions or relaxation time without the electrode band. Additionally, it was improved to function with Bluetooth devices, therefore, eliminating the cord distractions.

Tracking and Reminder Feature

During training sessions, users can track their performance over time. For example, for athletes and gamers, the device tracks the user improvements through time used and reminds them of their next training sessions. Therefore, this causes gradual improvements in user performance over time.

Wireless Connectivity

No one wants to be tethered while working out. Halo Neuroscience app and Bluetooth connection capability set this device apart from its competitors. Using the application, users can track their performance and record it for future reference. Using Bluetooth connectivity, the user can play music for entertainment or motivation purposes at any time.

Suitable for Sports

Halo Neuroscience Headset 2 has multiple purposes from its brain soothing feature. Sports users such as athletes can use in their training sessions. Music players can also use in training and learning of instruments such as piano and guitars. However, currently, it’s mostly used for sports purposes with a high recording of its effectiveness.

Easily Portable and Fashionable

Just like a normal pair of headphones, it is designed to feel comfy and play music on the go. However, it may feel a little bit bulky, but that overrides the fact that it’s fashionable in a way. If you don’t mind the fact that it’s heavy, you can try it out to experience its special features.


Easy to use

Assured 45 percent faster results in gaining skills, strength and endurance

Trusted by NBA, MLB, NFL, and Olympic athletes

Backed by over 15 years of research

Wireless connectivity

Improved sound quality


Might be expensive for some users

A little bit bulky

Conclusion and Rating

Smart Fitness Geek.com Product Rating: 4.6/5

Halo Neuroscience Headset 2 release makes hyperlearning and training sessions comfier and less tiring. It explains a real science with real results. The fact that priming is just for 20 minutes supporting a training session of 60 minutes explains of its efficiency. Its neuropriming feature helps users improve their subsequent performances. For musicians, they learn excellent additional skills with every practice session. Definitely worth a try!

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