Exercises to Improve Your Memory and Concentration

The demands of today’s workforce have changed drastically and requires advanced cognitive abilities and mental sharpness. It also become evident that your mental prowess ranks higher in today’s techno-savvy society opposed to decades ago where work was more manual labor intensive.

Taking the time to exercise your brain can improve your memory and concentration span. We all know exercises for your body keep you fit and healthy but what type of exercises can help your brain stay alert and agile?

The same way your body responds positively when you exercise regularly, your brain also loves being stretched and challenged. We’ve compiled a list of easy exercises you can do to train your brain and increase your concentration and memory over time.

The five techniques are easy to incorporate in your daily routine. Over time you’ll notice the positive results of doing these exercises consistently. But how exactly does this affect your brain?

The Effects Brain Exercises Have on Your Brain

Firstly, normal physical exercise also contribute positively to the health of your brain. Brain exercises can affect your brain in these ways:

  • Increases your awareness levels and observation
  • It can improve your memory and concentration span
  • It intensifies your focus and expands your learning capacity
  • It allows you room for deeper self-exploration

Games to Try

The Recall Game

Were you also fond of memory games as a child? Remember those cards that came in pairs and had different types of pictures on each side? The objective was to pair the cards after they have been shuffled, only through the power of your memory.

Those were simple games with powerful outcomes which provided valuable brain exercises. You can continue the recall game even now in your adult life by paying attention to your surroundings.

Challenge yourself to take note of as much detail as possible on your way to work. Compile a map and sketch in all the finer details you noticed the day before and compare it when you take the same route again. Over time you’ll be able to recall more details. That’s good exercise for lazy brains.

The Math Factor

Let’s admit it. We’re not all mathematicians that revel in the complexity of numbers. Math however doesn’t have to be the evil step sister it’s made out to be. No one expects you to calculate huge numbers in your head or work out difficult algorithms.

Something as simple as the multiplication tables can help improve your memory and exercise your brain. If you’re feeling a bit more daring you can than progress to doing a series of cubes and squares. As long as you keep stretching yourself and playing around with numbers, you’re doing well.

Brain Training

Technology has made it easy to get brain training games online. There are hundreds of games to pick from and most of these games are free. The brain training games are designed to increase your mental skills, memory and speed.

Some of the more advanced games help you enhance your emotional intelligence and build your vocabulary. All you have to do is sign in and start enjoying the benefits of playing these games. The games are designed to be entertaining and engaging. The basic functions include:

  • Remembering patterns
  • Speed testing
  • Matching colors
  • Logical applications

Word Power

You can never underestimate the power of words and the effect it has on your memory. Old time favorite games such as Scrabble or “Name Place Things” help improve your memory and increase your cognitive skills.

Making use of mnemonics is also a powerful way to save hard facts to your memory bank. Remember the trick your teacher taught to memorize the colors of the rainbow? By using the first letter of each word you simply had to memorize the name Roy G. Biv. This made it easy to remember all the rainbow colors namely red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

Try some of these fun exercises to challenge yourself:

  • Memorize the different city names in your state using Mnemonics
  • List all the street names in your neighborhood
  • Scroll down your contact list on your phone and write down the exact place and date you met each person

Have Fun with Your Food

Cooking is such an act of love, right? Not only do you feed hungry tummies with your food but you also use all your senses to create that perfect meal. By simply cooking you become smarter and are able to enhance your sense of smell, taste, touch, sound and sight.

It’s the perfect exercise for your brain and has been proven to make you smarter than people who don’t find their way to the kitchen often. To increase the mental benefits of cooking, why not try new recipes and work with new ingredients? This will force you to concentrate more and increase your focus and memory.

Also, when you sit down to eat. Instead of devouring the food to still the hunger, rather take your time to smell the different flavors and attempt to identify all the ingredients in the dish. It’s incredible that something so ordinary can yield such valuable results.


In the end we would all love to live a healthy and productive life, right? Your quality of life is largely dependent on your mental health and ability to recall important information. Exercising your brain should become as important as exercising your body.

What would be the use of a healthy body be with an impaired mind? So start exercising those brain muscles and improve your memory. Take a few minutes every day to apply these simple exercises and you’ll reap substantial benefits.

Let us know in the comments below of other brain exercises that could be useful to our readers.

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