Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty Review

Crazy Aaron's Putty Mini Tin Gift Set Bundle (Sample Set 3) with Super Fly, Neon Flash, Super Lava, Amber, Love Air & Exclusive Scorpion Skin Glow in The Dark - 6 Pack
  • Sample Set 3 Comes with 6 Different 2" (.47oz) Mini Tins including Super Illusions, Glow-in-the-Dark, Electric, Scented & "Matty's Toy Stop" Exclusive "Scorpion Skin" Glow in the Dark!
  • GLOW-in-the-DARK - Scorpion Skin & Amber - SUPER ILLUSIONS - Super Fly & Super Lava - ELECTRIC - Neon Flash! - SCENTED - Love is in the Air!
  • Made in the USA of non-toxic silicone, never dries out & is easily removed from solid surfaces
  • Gluten free, latex free and amazing for special needs, party favors & much more!
  • For Ages 12 and up - Fun for the whole family!

Price Around $14.95 – Available on

Pros Provides hours of fun, isn’t sticky and doesn’t dry out, great for all ages, odorless, made of non-toxic silicone (CPSIA compliant), proudly made in the US.

Cons Choking hazard to kids under 3.

Summary If you love unique toys that think outside the box, then Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty might be just what you need. The putty itself makes a wonderful squeeze toy, stress ball or therapy putty for kids and adults alike.

Our Rating 4/5.

Most folks think that if they are stressed, they should wave creativity goodbye and partly it’s true. As humans, we’re creative creatures by nature. Even if you feel untalented, I am sure that you have some spark inside of you; something that makes you feel happy, peaceful or satisfied. Creative simulation distracts you from feelings of anxiety and stress. Look at it this way, when are you most creative? Is it when you spend a quiet night staring at the stars or taking a long evening walk in the park? We all know that we tend to be more creative when we’re more relaxed. New ideas pop up and creative energy flows through you in a relaxed environment. Unknown to many people, creativity induces positive health effects.

Stress affects your creativity and is by its nature disparaging. As an adult in modern day life, you’re surrounded by multiple responsibilities and modern technology that make you forget how to relax and engage in more healthier activities. We have completely forgotten how to switch off and relax. Remember when listening to music, getting lost in a book or getting out and exploring nature were enjoyable and relaxing activities? Lucky for you there is a way you could bring back that natural passion back into your adult life.

Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty may be all you need. By engaging in creative activities, you will need to stay focused, and this makes stressful feelings and thoughts go away. You’ll start living in the present and have no worries about the past or the future. When you create, you invoke your imagination.

Kids also love to play an invent things, and Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty will provide your kids with a creative and open-ended way to explore. As your kids play with their new thinking putties, they will strengthen grip and develop fine motor skills like finger manipulation.

About The Product

What exactly is Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty? Back in 1998, a guy named Aaron Muderick, a professional web designer unsuccessfully searched for the ultimate desk toy for his office. Disappointed, he mobilized his colleagues to pool resources and purchase 100lbs. of bouncing putty. He then created a putty-experimentation lab to research and refine his own putty recipe in his parent’s basement. He put his web design skills to work to build a website. It took him 9 months to put together the Crazy Aaron’s factory. He later expanded his operations into vocational facilities targeting people with physical and intellectual disabilities. Crazy Aaron sacrificed hours to make his company’s products more colorfast, less sticky, and less prone to attract hairs and dirt.

To answer your question, Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty is a multipurpose toy designed for adults to strengthen hands, relieve stress and spark creativity by keeping your hands busy and your thoughts flowing. Besides reducing stress, this putty attracts small metal objects in the presence of a magnetic field. You will love the invisible forces at play: how it gently crawls towards magnetic fields and the sturdy nature that makes it strong enough to lift paper clips and tacks. You can stretch, snap, mold and shape it how you please. The smooth texture in this thinking putty appeals to people with sensory aversions.

When you choose Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty, you’ll get:

  • 2 oz. of genuine Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty and storage tin
  • Odorless; no sticky residue.
  • Non-toxic silicone material.
  • Doesn’t crumble or dry out.
  • Tons of fun for ages 3 and up.

Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty is categorized into various classes including Super Illusions, Hypercolors, Glow in the Dark, Soft Texture and Firm Texture. Iridescence is a phenomenon in Super Illusions that cause the putty to shift colors right before your eyes. This illusion is triggered by light waves that are refracted and reflected by a structurally complex coating. Hypercolors change color with the heat of your hands. To experience more intense color changes, try putting your Thinking Putty in the fridge for a few minutes before placing it next to a warm coffee mug.  The principle behind Glow in the Dark is that there is immense power to darkness than exposes things that you won’t normally see with light. They may be plain colored during the day, but at night, this Thinking Putty comes alive with hypnotic colors. To make them glow for hours, expose them to bright light. Firm Texture putties have more of a firm hand. Being denser than soft putties, they are great for tearing, popping, making sculptures and strengthening hands. Soft Texture putties, on the other hand, are easy to squeeze, malleable and smooth for bouncing, snapping, stretching and tearing.

Pros And Cons of Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty

There are so many colors to choose from, notably Crystal Clear, Heat sensitive Hypercolors, Glow in the Dark, Super Magnetic, Electronic-colored putty and more! You can even create more colors and your own combinations with the Mixed by Me Kit.

If you have a kid who has to fidget for him or her to really learn something, a thinking putty may be the best solution. Recommended for ages 3 to 103, it can bounce like a ball, twist like a taffy and stretch like rubber. The tin comes with minimal text explaining what’s inside and what you should do with it. No skill set is required to play with this Thinking Putty.

Since it’s silicone-based, unlike other modeling compounds that are clay or earth-based, this Thinking Putty won’t crumble or dry out over time. It also doesn’t leave a greasy feel on your hands or a yucky residue.

It has many benefits; it’s part toy, part physical therapy, part stress reliever. Not many toys come with all these benefits. You will find yourself tearing off a handful and using your Thinking putty to kill time and relieve stress as your brain contemplates infinite creative possibilities.

It is very addictive, and you will have a hard time stopping once you start playing. With this putty, being bored is never an option. You can bend it, pop it and twist it as you wish. You can play with your Thinking Putty anywhere – school, work, home, in the car. It is excellent for people who are fidgety.

It’s proudly manufactured in the US with the help of exceptional individuals challenged with physical and intellectual disabilities. If you love supporting companies that involve affected people in their production, start with Crazy Aaron’s.

It is definitely worth mentioning that Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty is a choking hazard to children under the ages of 3. You should therefore closely supervise play at all times and store it where small kids can’t reach for safety purposes.

Some users found the package difficult to open.

Buying Advice

Buying Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty in physical stores can be expensive. Thankfully, e-commerce saves the day. A tin retails at a little over $14 on Amazon. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you will enjoy express shipping straight to your doorstep. The product can be shipped within the United States and select countries outside the US.

You can save money by buying the Mixed by Me Thinking Putty Kit at $19.88. This Thinking Putty makes a thoughtful, science-savvy and budget-friendly gift idea for kids and adults alike, for any occasion.

Along with the putty, you will receive 3 cards. One card demonstrates different hand exercises while the others have pictures and ideas on how you can benefit from your new toy. The exercises in the first card are shown for thumbs, fingers and the full hand.

The Verdict

If you need a desk toy that you can play with when you need to take a little break or relieve some stress, look no further than Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty. It is generally a great product and certainly a lot of fun. Whether you work at an office or at home, this miniature stress-relief ball will make a fun addition to your desk. It is the perfect fun fidget toy, focus enhancer, physical therapy aid and stress reliever. Get yourself one today!

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