The Buying Guide For The Best Nootropic Supplement

The Buying Guide For The Best Nootropic Supplement

The human brain is just like any other part of our body, and it needs a lot of attention in order to perform its best. Just as you would take supplements to boost muscle growth or relieve the anxiety of the mind, nootropics are a special type of supplement that works with your brain specifically.

The role of a nootropic is to enhance the brain’s power, and this could be anything from cognitive function to memory. Therefore, finding the best nootropic supplement that can help you achieve this is not a purchase that you should take lightly.

We’ve done the research to look through all of the nootropics reviews we could find, to come up with the best-rated nootropics on the market. With our finds, you’ll be able to choose the perfect solution for your brain enhancement needs and hopefully, start feeling the effects within just days of starting.

Nootropics are still a relatively new type of supplement, and as such not much is known about them by the general public. Getting ahead of the pack and investing in the most effective nootropic to boost your brain’s power can help you perform better than most, and will give you a leading edge in all aspects of life.

Our Recommendations For The Best Nootropic Supplement

The best nootropics on the market can be hard to find, but it’s simply a matter of going through those that are favored with the best reviews and matching them up with your personal needs. We’ve found five of the top-rated nootropics for you to consider so that you don’t have to continue the challenging search any longer.

Best Nootropics Supplement:
Havasu Institute Neuro Ignite

​Have you ever felt like your mind might not be working at its full potential? Perhaps you can’t recall facts, solve problems, or remember things as well as you used to?

Havasu Institute has developed Neuro Ignite, which is a nootropics supplement designed to enhance your mental performance in more ways that one.

​What makes this the best on our list is that it’s also the safest nootropics thanks to its production in an FDA approved facility.

It also features no caffeine, which is usually a trigger for people that can cause anxiety, rapid heart rate, irritability, and insomnia.

Without any of those, you’ll just get a more powerful mind without any bad side effects.

Neuro Ignite features three key ingredients that enhance brain power, boost moods, and improve your memory recall. You’ll get Bacopa, St. John’s Wort, and Gingko Biloba, among just a few other ingredients. Unlike other stacks that have 15+ things inside that you have to consider, there are just a few powerful and safe nootropics in this blend.

There are quite a few reviews from elderly users that found after just one week they were feeling as though they had turned back the clock on their brain. Imagine then what younger users could experience, with results that might be even more amazing.

In terms of price, these are quite affordable, and you’ll only need to take one a day to feel the results. This is especially helpful for people who have trouble swallowing pills or hate the taste, so it’s just one a day and you’re done. To save more money you can also buy in bulk, so it’s something to consider if you plan on taking them long term.

The downside to these pills is that although they are made in an FDA approved facility, the pills themselves haven’t been approved. The ingredients are minimal and all known to be harmless, and it’s up to the individual to make their own judgment, but in terms of safety, they certainly seem to be one of the best.

Runner-Up: HCF Brain Supplement

Happy, calm, focused. This is something we all aspire to be and that’s exactly what’s promised to you when you buy the HCF Brain Supplement. This nootropic stack features just two key amino acids, Phenylalanine (F) and L-Glutamine (Q), and then a small handful of other nutrients that help them to be absorbed in the body.

F is an amino acid that assists with dopamine, adrenaline, and your endorphins, making you feel better. Q is an amino acid that is a precursor for GABA and provides a lot of nutrition for your brain. When combined with the other vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in this stack, they’re one of the most powerful nootropics on the market.

​This nootropic seems to be especially helpful for customers who have experienced anxiety. Without having to resort to expensive therapy or potentially harmful over the counter prescription drugs, this offers a natural approach to reducing anxiety and bringing calm to your mind.

Some of the reviews claim that the effects began to wear down after a few months, and they were considering taking more than the recommended dose. The current dose is three capsules per day but it states you can take up to six. If you’re doing this, you would be spending quite a bit and there’s likely a more affordable option out there that’s rated just as highly.

People reported feeling a difference in around 10 days so it’s not long at all to wait for a result. Thanks to the money back guarantee they offer, if you’re someone who’s not getting the results you want and feeling like your brain power has improved, you can get all of your money back. This shows that you’re dealing with a reputable brand and that there are thousands of happy customers who’ve never had to return their product.

Alternatives: WellPath Mind Premium Supplements

If you’re noticing that your brain isn’t performing at its peak anymore and neither is the rest of your body, you might need the boost that WellPath Mind Premium can deliver. Their brain boosting formula is said to be the safe alternative to other products on the market like vapes and growth hormones, thanks to its nourishing nutritional formula.

One difference that WellPath has in their Mind Premium capsules is the caffeine content. While some other nootropic stacks steer clear of this ingredient, it’s perfectly safe and effective for those who don’t have a sensitivity to it. With a pure source of Arabica bean coffee, it’s got just enough to pep you up and get you going through the day.

​When you start adding caffeine to these stacks though some customers find a problem. If you’re someone sensitive to the substance, like a few of the reviewers are, you may find yourself feeling jittery at night. In this case, you should cut all other sources of caffeine out of your daily diet and maybe consider switching to another caffeine free nootropic stack.

Some of the key ingredients in Mind Premium include Lion’s Mane Mushroom, Gingko Biloba, and DMAE. In the past, DMAE has been used in treatments for ADHD and it has amazing powers on the mind and concentration.  There are quite a few ingredients in these capsules, but nothing that looks alarming, so it will be up to your own judgment on whether or not they sound suitable for you.

WellPath Mind Premium is one of the most affordable nootropic stacks on the market, which will certainly appeal to some. If you’re low on funds but still want to give your brain a boost, they provide a great entry level supplement that will have great results within just a week or so of trying them.

Alternatives: Akua Life Neuro Stack

When it comes to natural nootropics, there’s not much better than Lion’s Mane Mushroom. You’ll probably notice this key ingredient in many of the top nootropics around, and for Akua Life, they’ve made it the main star in their Neuro Stack supplement.

Lion’s Mane consists of 100% fungal matter which makes it pretty powerful. The specific mushroom used by Akua Life has been grown on a natural farm to ensure potency, and by adding it to the supplement they’re able to stimulate the brain’s Nerve Growth Factor. Some studies have even hinted at its ability to be anti-aging, so it’s good for more than just your brain.

​As far as cost goes, Akua Life Neuro Stack is definitely the most expensive. It comes in a larger bottle but the daily dose consists of four capsules, so you’ll work your way through it in just a month. While you might get plenty of results, if your bank account can’t keep up with it then it’s simply not a viable option.

Neuro Stack has plenty of great reviews with people saying that although the effects weren’t dramatic and instant, over a few weeks they felt a whole lot better. They reported clearer minds, better concentration, and memory recall that they hadn’t experienced in years. For the cost then, it could be worth your while to invest in these.

Another bad point with taking four capsules a day is that it’s too much for people who struggle to swallow medication. If there were a way to concentrate the formula more so that it was potent but in a smaller dosage, this would probably make it a more attractive option for most.

Akua Life’s Lion Mane’s Mushroom is what makes these so expensive, and they claim that while there are cheaper sources of the fungi around, they aren’t as potent. If you’re able to pay the high costs and are happy with not feeling a dramatic difference instantly, then this is a great nootropic supplement to try.

Alternatives: BioFlourish Brain Flo

Another option for those looking for the strongest nootropic that doesn’t contain caffeine, BioFlourish Brain Flo is a great choice. These nootropic smart pills can give you tons of energy without the jittery feeling after, so you get to enjoy all of the rewards without any of the risks. The results claim to include energy boost, better moods, calmness, concentration, and improved memory, all within a few days of starting.

Brain Flo uses just a small handful of ingredients so you’re not feeling overwhelmed when you check out the label.

Some of the brain-boosting natural ingredients include Gingko Biloba Leaf Extract, Methylcobalamin, Rhodiola Rosea Extract, and L-Tyrosine.

It’s easy enough to understand the role and reason for each of them and there are no unnecessary preservatives or artificial fillers.

​These supplements are quite good value, provided you are taking just one a day. BioFlourish recommends people start at one a day and then increase their dosage to two, but if you’re having to do that then the cost will increase dramatically. You could likely find another strong nootropic stack that doesn’t cost as much, so their value might drop.

Judging by the reviews, the happy customers who enjoyed Brain Flo noticed feeling a difference in just days. After a few days, their energy levels increased as did their focus and concentration, which is amazing to see without any caffeine. Some even reported having to ditch their morning coffee as they no longer felt a need for it.

The formula used in Brain Flo was designed by doctors and all of the ingredients used have some scientific evidence of helping with brain power. You’ll be more focused, feel happier, improve your memory, and function better overall, so they definitely do as stated. These are a great pick for people who prefer fewer ingredients but with greater potency, and the absence of caffeine is certainly a bonus.

What Are Nootropics?

There’s a good chance you’d never heard of nootropics until recently, but within the last 12 months, it’s a term that’s been spreading like wildfire. Sometimes referred to as cognitive enhancers or smart pills, these are substances both natural and artificial, that improve your brain’s function.

Depending on the nootropic, there are different results that can be expected. Mostly, these substances are taken to improve memory, give yourself motivation, increase levels of creativity, and boost your executive functions. Most people prefer to take natural nootropics, and that’s what you’ll find in a majority of these supplements.

Nootropics Pills

There is a large list of nootropics ingredients, and many of them have been proven to have the effects they claim. One of the most common nootropic substances that most of us take each day, caffeine, has certainly proven its worth in boosting energy and concentration levels. However, there are many more to consider and each has to be judged on its own proven benefits.

The reason for this huge boom in nootropics is people’s understanding of brain function and the things we can do to improve it. With a hugely competitive world out there, people want to be at the top of their game, and taking a simple natural supplement that can boost your brain to new levels is certainly something worth investigating.

Common Nootropics Ingredients

The list of nootropics substances is growing all the time, but not all of them have been tested for their effectiveness yet. According to Healthline, there are some that have been proven to actually improve your brain’s performance in one way or another, so these are the key ingredients to look out for.


There’s a good reason why caffeine is the most enjoyed nootropic on earth, and that’s due to its immediate benefits. A moderate intake of caffeine can increase alertness and blood adenosine receptors which take away your feelings of tiredness.

Cafine in coffee

Lion’s Mane Mushroom

A serious powerhouse when it comes to nootropics and one ingredient featured in most brands, lion’s mane mushroom has many benefits. It’s been shown to protect against dementia, improve memory, relieve depression and anxiety, and help people heal from nervous system injuries. You’ll need to take it for a few weeks to start feeling the effects but it’s certainly potent for the brain’s health.


This is a natural substance found in tea and its impact on the human mind is to promote calmness and creativity. Studies have shown that when combined with caffeine, the powers of L-Theanine are even more effective.

Gyokuro leaves

Bacopa Monnieri

This herb has been used for thousands of years and is a common ingredient in nootropic supplements. The effects of bacopa will take months to feel, but once it works you will notice an improvement in memory and an increase in the speed at which you process information.

Rhodiola Rosea

This natural herb has plenty of uses for nootropic purposes. Firstly, it can give you a mood boost and reduce feelings of stress in those who are feeling under pressure. Secondly, it prevents mental fatigue which means those who take it are able to work or study for longer without negative effects.

Rhodiola Rosea Leaves

Gingko Biloba

This is a very powerful plant extract that is found in most nootropic stacks, because of its many benefits on the brain. Reports show that it can reduce stress, improve memory, and also speed up your mental processing. For results, you’ll need to use for at least six weeks to start feeling its full effect.


This is a synthetic smart drug that is found in some stacks that feature both natural and artificial substances. Phenotropil is used for patients recovering from stroke or other trauma, and early studies have shown it can possibly improve memory.

Phenotropil Nootropics

What to Look For When Buying The Best Nootropics Stack

Since nootropics are such a new thing that consumers are aware of, there’s not a lot of information out there on how to shop for them. These are some important features to look for before purchasing a nootropic stack or supplement and why they matter.


The most important thing to examine is the list of ingredients. Keep in mind that the key ingredients may be listed on the front but you’ll need a complete list to really weigh up their safety and value. Some might prefer just a few substances and others will want to get value for money with a larger ingredients list.

Is It FDA Approved?

FDA Drug Administaration

It’s quite rare to find an FDA approve nootropic supplement as they’re still quite young in the grand scheme of things. The best you can hope for is that they were made in an FDA approved facility or one that’s regulated, as this will mean more safety.

History Of The Company

It should be relatively easy to find information on a company you are buying from if they’re reputable. Avoid brands that have very little information online and nothing about how to contact them or a customer service team.

Other People’s Experience

These days, feedback online is the best way to figure out the value of a product. You should be able to see feedback on the product listing as well as their social media pages or online store. Without feedback to go by, it’s best to avoid a company.

Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

Another great way to guarantee the quality and safety of a product is whether or not the bran offers a return. Look for products with a 100% money back guarantee that will give you peace of mind about the level of quality.

Enhance Your Brain The Easy Way

There are plenty of ways to improve the health and function of your brain, but none are as simple as choosing the best nootropic supplement. With the right supplement to suit your needs and the areas you want to improve, you’ll notice a difference within weeks, and all you have to do is remember to take your capsules each day.

Nootropic supplements and stacks are quite new in the health market and it’s an area we can expect to grow further in the coming years. As more and more substances are researched there will likely be many more products on the market, but for now, these are a quality list of the best nootropics supplements that money can buy.

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