Best Brain Games for Kids

Brain development is a lifelong process. Brain training is useful for anyone wanting to unlock more potential, but more important in early and middle childhood years. This is because it forms the foundation for growth later in life. Kids don’t play just to entertain themselves. From the time they enter this world, they’re constantly learning. As a parent, you need to focus not only on physical growth, but also the mental development of your little one. Just like the body requires physical exercise to grow, the brain also needs some stimulation to function well.

Brain training involves targeted exercises that change the brains capacity to think and learn. It’s basically muscle building and endurance training for the brain. According to Harvard University’s Center for the Developing Child, your kid should play many kinds of brain-boosting games to help them develop executive function skills. There are a variety of games and activities that will keep your child away from the TV and video games. Your kid can try word games, guessing games, strategy games, quick response games, puzzles, riddles and teasers to exercise gray cells and help in their cognitive development.

Reasons for Brain Training

Brain training helps to build neural pathways. This means that new connections are made in the brain to allow for better cognitive skills. Your kid will begin to concentrate better, and you will witness a significant improvement in his or her reasoning and observational skills.

Brain games cover different angles of brain training:

  • Problem-solving.
  • Spatial awareness.
  • Logical thinking.
  • Linguistic enhancement.
  • Comprehension and so much more!

All these angles play a part in molding thinking processes and provide kids with the tools they need to think independently in a manner that will resolve any problem they face.

Best Brain Games for Kids

Brain games are not just a way to test your kid’s skills, but a great way to help them practice these skills. Getting your children to realize the value of stimulating the mind is no picnic. If you force your kids to do something they don’t like, they may not put effort into it. Some brain training games might feel like assignments or class projects all over again. Instead of picking those, go for fun activities that exercise your child’s brain in a playful way. Learning and playing don’t need to be two separate things.

Here at, we care about your brain health and that of your loved ones. That is why we have come up with 5 of the best brain games for kids to play and hone their mental abilities.

Outfoxed! Game Board Game

Gamewright Outfoxed! A Cooperative Whodunit Board Game for Kids 5+, Multi-colored, Standard, Model Number: 418
  • A cooperative whodunit game
  • Contains rules of play and in Spanish
  • Ages 5 and up
  • Playing time: 20 -30 minutes
  • 2 to 4 players

The object of this cooperative whodunit board game by Gamewright is to discover which fox stole Mrs. Plumpert’s prized pot pie. To crack the case, the player should find the pie before the fox escapes. It is a cooperative game (2-4 players) for ages 5 and up, making it great for younger kids within this age group. The players can work together to beat the fox. You can use dice to uncover clues and suspects, then use the special evidence scanner to narrow down on the suspects. This game sharpens a variety of skills including attention to details, probability, counting, critical thinking, deductive reasoning, taking turns, cooperation, suppressing impulses, planning, prioritization and working memory. Available in 3 sizes: Standard, 2-Pack and 3-Pack, playing time is 20 -30 minutes. Note that this game is a choking hazard and unsuitable for kids under 3 years.

FoxMind Equilibrio Game

Foxmind Games: Equilibrio Spatial Logic and Dexterity Game, Build Gravity Defying Structures, 60 Smart Puzzles to Work Through, 6 Levels of Complexity, Develops STEM Skills, 1+ Players, For Ages 5+
  • DEVELOPS SPATIAL REASONING: Players use high precision geometric blocks to construct 3D structures based on illustrations. Equilibrio develops and reinforces STEM skills and problem-solving abilities through captivating gameplay.
  • GRADUALLY PROGRESSING CHALLENGES: Players progress through 60 structures across 6 levels of complexity, gradually improving their spatial reasoning & dexterity skills. Check out other award-winning titles in the Brain Builder Series for more smart fun!
  • PART OF THE AWARD-WINNING BRAIN BUILDER SERIES: A Smarter Fun game, Winner of multiple awards, including the Game of the Year Award from Creative Child Magazine (USA), the Seal of Excellence from Consumer Guide (Canada) and other international awards.
  • LOTS OF WAYS TO PLAY: Equilibrio can be played solo or in a group. Future architects, designers, and engineers will enjoy endless free-form creative play using the high quality GeoBlocks!
  • SUITABLE FOR AGES 7 AND UP: Try other captivating and games in the Brain Builder series by FoxMind for countless hours of smart fun with the whole family.

This award-winning progressive game by FoxMind is part of the Brain Builder series that consists of 6 games sold in over 15 countries. It is both a game and a fun educational tools for future designers, engineers and architects. The game encourages players to be creative and daring. It takes users across multiple levels where they develop skills such as reasoning abilities, spatial awareness and motor skills. To play, the players are required to build 3D vertical structures with high-precision geometrical block. The block is based on illustrations that range from easy to complex. There are 60 structures in total dived into 6 complex levels. The level of difficulty goes from easy (yellow) to difficult (red). This allows players to develop solid notions in spatial visualization and 3D geometry. Suitable for kids aged 7 and up, Equilibrio is suitable for group play, free-form creative play or solitary play.

Simon Electronic Memory Game

Simon Electronic Memory Game
  • The classic 80's game of quick action, memory and recall is back and has a sleek new look and improved performance; it's surprisingly addictive.
  • Can you remember the flashing light sequences and repeat them correctly? as you get better the level of difficulty increases.
  • The new updated design with new LCD counter keeps track of the score; has single and multi-player modes.
  • Features the immensely popular original 3 games from the original Simon.
  • 3 AA batteries included, for players 7+.

This game is an improved version of the classic 80’s game of quick action memory and recall. It features the insanely popular original 3 games from the original Simon. Simon Electronic Memory Game helps with several components of brain training including memory, attention and processing speed. The level of difficulty increases as you get better. The new updated design has single and multi-player modes. You can either hold the game or play on the tabletop. To keep track of your scores and progress, you get a new intuitive LCD counter. Suitable for players aged 7 and up, the game also features hypnotic sounds and lights to keep things more interesting. To run, it requires 3-1.5V AA batteries that are included in the package.

ThinkFun Rush Hour Deluxe

ThinkFun Rush Hour Deluxe Traffic Jam Logic Game and STEM Toy – Tons of Fun with Over 20 Awards Won, International for Over 20 Years
  • Trusted by Families Worldwide - With over 50 million sold, ThinkFun is the world's leader in brain and logic games.
  • Develops critical skills - Playing through the challenges builds reasoning and planning skills and provides a great stealth learning experience for young players.
  • What you get – Rush Hour is the classic traffic jam logic game and one of the all-time most popular STEM toys for boys and girls. Contains 40 challenges from beginner to expert, a game grid, cars, and a game-go storage bag.
  • Enormously popular – Over 10 million units sold worldwide.
  • Comes with multi-level challenges - Rush Hour Deluxe comes with 60 beginner to expert challenges that become increasingly difficult as you play through them.

If you want your kids to focus on independent problem solving, this is the perfect game for them. There is a reason why Rush Hour has sold over 10 million units worldwide over 2 decades – it works! This classic and multiple award-winning traffic jam logic game contains 60 challenges that range from beginner to grandmaster. The challenges become increasingly difficult as you advance through them. They are meant to develop planning, reasoning and critical thinking skills and provides kids with a great stealth learning experience. It is made with high-quality materials to ensure durability and is easy to set up. Thanks to the easy-to-understand instruction manual included in the package, you will be able to play within minutes of unboxing.

Mattel Games Blink

Reinhard Staupe's BLINK Family Card Game, Travel-Friendly, with 60 Cards and Instructions, Makes a Great Gift for 7 Year Olds and Up
  • Race in a head-to-head competition with Blink, the lightning-fast card game!
  • Using sharp eyes and fast hands, 2 players try to match the shape, count, or color on their cards to either one of two discard piles.
  • Play all the cards from your draw pile to win the game!
  • Colorfully designed cards have large symbols that range from moons to triangles to stars, making it easy for anyone to play. Watch as your reflexes and response time improves round after round.
  • Includes 60 symbol cards and instructions.

The self-proclaimed “World’s Fastest Game “ lets players race in a head-to-head competition with Blink. The trick is to have sharp eyes and fast hands. To play, 2 players will compete by trying to match the color, shape, or count on their cards to either one or two discard piles. To win the game, you should play all the cards from your draw pile. The cards are colorfully designed with large symbols ranging from stars to moon to triangles. This makes it easy for players of any age to play. With time, your kid’s response time and reflexes will improve. In total, there are 60 symbol cards and instructions. There are 2 sizes available- 1-Pack and 2-Pack.


Cognitive skills have to do with the process of how we learn as opposed to what we learn. Consistent brain training will make a huge impact in your home! The above-mentioned games are both fun and educational! They will help you incorporate more brain-building activities into your kid’s life to improve attention struggles, learning struggles and general self-esteem issues. Some of the games on our list may be too challenging for a 5-year-old, but soon they will grow into it. Find games that your kid responds well to and get yourself involved as well.

According to experts, brain training works best when practiced at least 5 days per week. Target to complete at least one activity each day to fire up your kid’s neurons.

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