The Buyer’s Guide To The Best Brain Fitness Games

The Buyer’s Guide To The Best Brain Fitness Games

We spend so much of our lives focusing on improving the health of our bodies, whether it’s going for a daily work or lifting weights. Did you ever stop to think that you might be missing out on an important part of your body that doesn’t usually get exercises but needs it more?

The human brain is just like any other important body part in that it needs attention in order to thrive. Without caring for the brain, exercising it, and fueling it with the right foods and nutrients, it’s not going to perform at its best. This is where the best brain fitness games come in, as a fun and simple way to boost your brain power.

Think of brain fitness games just like any other exercise or workout machine, almost like a treadmill for your mind. These little games are designed to get the brain moving and its benefits include improved vocabulary, better memory recall, and more focus, just to name a few.

We’re already hearing the multitude of benefits that the best brain fitness games can offer, so how do you find the right one for you? This buying guide will walk you through our top recommendations of the best brain game options and what features to look for when you shop around. With your very own brain training game, you’ll boost your mind’s power and have fun doing it.

Our Picks For The Best Brain Fitness Games

To find the best brain game, there are two main categories to choose from. First, brain games for kids and secondly, those designed for adults. We’ve found the best ones in each category so you can choose the perfect fit to boost your brain.

Best Brain Fitness Games

These are some of the best brain fitness games around that are targeted at adults. With our brain performance starting to decrease in our mid 20’s, it’s essential to work out your mind just as you would the rest of your body. With our top picks, you’ll find the perfect brain game to suit.

Winner: Think Fun Solitaire Chess

Ask anyone what their favorite card game to play alone is, and it would have to be solitaire. Think about how much excitement it could be when you paired it with the logic and suspense of chess, and you have the brain training game Solitaire Chess by Think Fun.

Think Fun is one of the biggest names in the brain game market and this is by far their best seller. What makes it so good is that you can play it on your own whenever you want, and they recommend just 15 minutes a day to start feeling results with a healthier and more active brain.

​This one game comes with 80 unique challenges and you make your way through each one to solve each of them. All in all, you’ll get days of play from this one game and when spread out with 15 minutes a day it will take you months to complete. For the cost, this makes it exceptional value for money.

This game is played on a board that is also part of the challenge booklet, and some customers feel this could have been improved. Maybe having a little more playing space or bigger pieces could have helped, but on the other hand, it would take away from its portability and convenience.

Playing Think Fun’s Solitaire Chess is designed to improve logic and memory, so if these are two areas you feel are lacking then it’s the perfect game. Covered with a clear laminate protection, it’s even spill proof so there’s no need to worry about drinks or other messes ruining it.

Think Fun’s Solitaire Chess is also a great introduction into the game of chess, which is another way to improve your logic. You’ll get so much from this one compact game and it will exercise your brain in mere minutes a day, so what do you have to lose? This is definitely our top pick for the best brain game memory improver.

Runner-Up: Think Fun Pathwords

There’s no age limit to having fun with a word search, and this is a brain game that takes it to the extreme.

Think Fun has created the ultimate word game with Pathwords and it’s the perfect way to give your vocabulary a boost.

The spiraled booklet is quite small, so if you’re someone who likes to use a bigger space then this might not be the brain game for you.

The goal of this game is to create words and find them, and you do it all with a small challenge booklet and eight colored puzzle pieces.

​There are 80 possible challenges to work your way through and four different levels of difficulty. You’ll start as a beginner and eventually reach expert status, and all the while you’ll be exercising that very important body part, the brain.

This is a great gift for someone who’s always wanted to improve their vocabulary or perhaps for a friend learning to speak English. Not only is it good for your words, but it will help your reasoning skills and visual perception. When you think about how cheap it is, it’s a worthwhile educational product all wrapped up in a fun game.

Think Fun has proven themselves to be a leader in the brain game market and this simple yet effective game shows why. It’s bright, colorful, engaging, and builds on more than just your vocabulary skills, making it one of our top picks in the brain word game market.

Alternatives: Think Fun Shell Game

​The shell game is one of those classic games that everyone’s had a go of. You hide something underneath a shell, it gets mixed up and around with two other shells, and you have to use your memory and skill to figure out where it is.

Think Fun has developed this classic game into something even better with their own Shell Game, and it’s a great brain training activity.

​Shell Game is pretty simple in its design, but the pieces are quite small so you’ll need to be careful. They can get lost easily and also pose a hazard for young children, so it’s not really a convenient game to have laying around for whenever you feel like playing. Keep a bag close by to store everything in as well, otherwise, you might end losing half of the pieces.

This design flaw aside, you will get a whole lot of use out of it. Like the other games from Think Fun, you’ll be able to enjoy 80 unique challenges with just the one product so it will provide you with hours of entertainment. Some users have reported spending hours in one sitting but the minimum required time to get your brain working is just 15 minutes a day, so whatever suits your schedule will be fine.

Within this package comes the shell pieces, challenge booklet, ocean stones, and hermit crabs, so it’s bright and colorful enough to get teenagers and older kids involved as well. You’ll work your way through four different levels of difficulty so even if you’ve never played with shells before or used another brain fitness game you won’t have a problem learning.

The Shell Game by Think Fun works on your memory and logic skills, which is something we can all use. You won’t feel like you’re doing anything educational because you’ll be so deep in thought and having too much fun, so it’s the perfect brain test game for those who like to feel they’re being entertained.

Best Brain Fitness Games For Kids

Anything we can do to get our kids away from the screens is good, and these brain games won’t even feel like they’re learning. We’ve found the top-rated brain games for kids that will keep them entertained and help their brains grow and develop, covering the best of both worlds.

Winner: National Geographic Brain Games Kids

​So many American families sit down together and look forward to an episode of National Geographic’s Brain Games, and now they’ve packaged up the hit series into a fun board game.

This is no ordinary board game though, as it’s actually all about brain fitness, but your kids won’t realize how much they’re really learning.

​The Brain Games board game was developed Buffalo Games but follows the same format as the popular TV show.

What makes this so good is that it’s for 2 players and more so the whole family can get in on the fun and everyone can exercise their brains together.

​There are three different categories and four levels of difficulty to play with which makes it suitable for everyone aged eight and up. Some of the reviews stated that after five or so plays they’d gone through all of the questions and challenges, so it’s probably not a game that you’d play regularly if you’re going to tire of it quickly.

Brain Games Kids is all about teamwork and you have to solve the challenges in your group to win. Whoever gets the answer correct first is the winner, and there are a serious of challenges to get through. As an alternative to other board games that might be fun but don’t really teach anything, your kids will learn many things while playing this one.

This is the perfect way to get the kids involved in brain training and because it’s just as much fun as any other board game they won’t even realize how much good they’re doing for themselves. If you’re looking for an alternative to TV and video games and want to get the whole family involved, National Geographic Brain Games Kids is a perfect choice.

Runner-Up: University Games Big Brain Academy

University Games has developed the board game version of Big Brain Academy based on the highly successful Nintendo DS Game.

 This game can be played by the whole family and your kids will be learning so much without even realizing it, which makes it a pretty wise investment.

There are five key categories to play in this game: Analyze, Compute, Identify, Memorize, and Think. You work your way through each of them and all the while your brains will be stimulated while you’re having fun.

If you’ve been trying desperately to get your kids away from their screens, this is how you do it.

​Within this game you’ll play challenges, learning interesting facts, and have to work your way around the board answering questions. For every correct answer you’ll get a token and, in the end, they’re weighed up in the Brain-o-Meter to see who is smartest. It’s the right blend of fun, competition, and brain training that makes it such a success.

For what it offers and the price, there seems to be a big problem with reading the answers on the game cards. These answers are supposed to be hidden and only revealed with the special viewer, but if you look hard enough you can see them. Therefore, it’s best to have parents playing along so they can keep an eye on this.

There are plenty of happy reviews that claim this has become the favorite on game night and you never have to feel guilty letting your kids play it. They’re improving their memory and brain function after just a few minutes of play, so it’s the perfect mix of entertainment and education that will make every family member happy.

What Are Brain Fitness Games?

According to scientific studies, our brain’s performance starts to decline after 25 years of age and it requires ongoing exercise to keep it going. Before that, we are in developmental stages where brain training is also beneficial, so it’s something that will always be required no matter your age.

Most people assume that their brains get enough exercise in their daily lives, whether it’s reading a book or working. However, studies have found that these things we do each day don’t challenge us the way these brain fitness games do, and therefore they have minimal positive effect.

Brain New Neurons Games

When we do something new with our brains, it makes new connections. Each time these new connections are used, they grow stronger and eventually become part of our everyday mindset. This is why trying new things like brain fitness games is so important to reaching your full potential.

Brain fitness games are designed to improve or exercise different parts of the brain. Some might be for overall brain power, others for cognitive function, some for language skills, and many other goals. Investing in just one brain game for yourself or your child could have phenomenal results, and the more we learn about it the clearer the benefits are.

A brain game will have an element of fun to it, but ultimately, it’s about training your brain. This can be done through a series of exercises, challenges, and activities that get those dormant parts of your brain working again. You won’t realize how much good you’re doing for yourself, but after a few days of commitment, you should start to notice a difference.

The Difference Between Adult And Kid’s Versions

If you’ve looked in the brain game market, you’ll see that most activities are divided into either adults or kids’ games. Research has actually shown that adults brains and kids brains are organized differently, so something that will be effective on one may not be as good for the other.

Another reason for the two distinct types of games is that one is used during developmental stages and the other to exercise it and keep it performing. Therefore, you’ll need something different to meet each of these goals. Most games come with a specific age recommendation, so stick to this where you can.

Difference Between Adult And Kids Games

Kids games have usually been made to appeal to younger minds in their packaging, colors, and design. This helps to hide the fact that they’re actually good for them and not about improving their brain function, so you’ll find the marketing to be a little different. However, this doesn’t mean adults and kids can’t play together and work on the challenges, and it makes for a great family bonding experience.

What To Look For In A Brain Fitness Game

If you want to learn more about the best brain games and are shopping around for yourself, there are some features you need to consider. See what a potential game offers in these areas before investing in one to be sure it’s right for you.

Type Of Game

There are many types of games, just like you’d find with a normal board game. Card games, board games, video games, and games with small pieces and pawns to be moved or used.

Single Or Multiplayer

Some games will be designed for you to play alone and others work better in a team setting. Group games are ideal for the family to get everyone involved in.

Multiplayer or Singleplayer

Functions Involved

Check the details of a game to see what functions it works on improving. Some might be language skills, others are targeted at the memory, or they could be used for improving cognitive function.

Age Recommendations

You can usually find an age recommendation on a brain game. For those who are advanced beyond their age, it will usually be okay to venture a little further. Otherwise, stick as close to the recommended age as possible to get the most benefits.

Age Video Games

Difficulty Level

Like some of the games we reviewed, there are products out there that let you adjust the difficulty each time you play. This is ideal as you learn the skill behind it and want to challenge yourself. However, it’s not always a feature so you need to shop for one that suits the level of difficulty you want.

Who Could Benefit From Brain Fitness Games?

It’s true that every one of us could benefit from some brain training, but there may be some groups where this is even more beneficial. Here are some people who would notice significant differences while using brain fitness games:


Children of all ages could benefit from utilizing new parts of their brain and learning while they have fun.


Keeping the mind active is key to improving memory and concentration, especially as we get older.

Playing Games Old Peoples

Recovery Patients 

Someone recovering from surgery or a recent injury would see great results from using brain fitness games during this period.

People With Learning Difficulties

Kids or adults who have experienced learning difficulties in the past might want to use brain fitness games to improve their capacity.

Brain Games for Disabled

Middle-aged People 

Anyone over 25 years of age should be training their brain to prevent the decline in function that happens at this time.

The Final Say On Brain Games

As we learn more about neuroscience and the study of the brain, we see how important it is to keep our minds active. Just as you would invest in a new pair of runners or a gym membership, so too should you look for the best brain game to keep your mind working.

For adults, it’s important to keep our brains active and ensure they’re performing as best as possible. Even more important is for those people with kids, and introducing a game targeted at younger minds is a great way to boost their brain function without them even realizing they’re learning.

These brain games represent some of the best on the market, but as more is uncovered about the brain’s power and how to improve its health, there’s no telling where these games will go. For now, you can rest assured that spending just 15 minutes a day training your brain will result in many amazing benefits, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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