Best Brain Boosting Supplements of 2020


Do you feel like you are always tired, your memory and recollection abilities aren’t great, and that it takes you a long time to solve a problem? It’s not fun when you feel like your brain is foggy. However, there are some really great brain boosting supplements, otherwise known as nootropics.

These are products that can help increase cognition, increase memory, make problem solving easier, and make your brain work faster in general. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best brain boosting supplements of 2020.

Best Brain Boosting Supplements: Reviews

Here is a selection of the top 5 brain boosting supplements on the market which can help increase mental focus, clarity, problem solving ability, memory, and increase cognitive abilities in general.

Natural Brain Supplement Nootropic Pills

Natural Brain Supplement Nootropic Pills – Memory Booster Vitamins for Focus, Clarity & Energy – for Cognitive Enhancement & Increased Productivity, Ginkgo Biloba, St. John's Wort
  • UNLOCK YOUR BRAINS POTENTIAL WITH NOOTROPICS: Boost memory and enhance your cognitive performance. Brain supplements developed by an anti- aging physician to support your brain functions naturally.
  • WORK AND STUDY MORE EFFECTIVELY: The brain booster vitamins help you increase your productivity so that you can finish an important project. Brain focus supplement is exactly what you need!
  • A SAFE ALL NATURAL FORMULA: These mental health supplements was developed by a knowledgeable physician. NO stimulants in the memory pills so they are NOT addictive.
  • TAKE ONE BRAIN SUPPLEMENT PILL EVERY DAY: The brain booster supplement is very easy to consume in the form of small pills. Recommend that you take one focus supplement daily.
  • YOUR SATISFACTION COUNTS: Have the brain support supplements failed to boost your brain functions increase or strengthen your memory? Contact our obliging trained customer service team.

This product is designed to help provide mental clarity and to increase cognitive abilities, but unlike many other nootropic products, this supplement does not contain any stimulants such as caffeine. Due to the fact that it does not contain stimulants, it helps increase mental abilities, all without causing jitteriness, and it also won’t lead to a crash afterwards.

Being stimulant-free also means that they are not addictive, like many others are. Natural Brain Supplement Nootropic Pills come loaded with various brain boosting ingredients such as ginkgo, bacopa, L-glutamine, St. John’s Wort, and many others.

Natural Brain Supplement Nootropic Pills can help enhance memory and recollection abilities,  increase focus and concentration, increase creativity and productivity, to boost mood, and to augment energy levels too. This is an all-natural and totally safe brain boosting supplement.

Keep in mind that it comes with 30 capsules, and you only have to take 1 per day, plus they don’t have a flavor. To bring it all together, this is actually one of the more affordable nootropic brain boosting supplements out there at this time. People who want a natural and safe brain booster, without the huge cost, do seem to appreciate its benefits.

Focus Factor Extra Strength – Memory, Concentration & Focus

Focus Factor Extra Strength, 120 Count - Brain Supplement for Memory, Concentration and Focus - Complete Multivitamin with DMAE, Vitamin D, DHA - Trusted Brain Health Supplement - Brain Vitamins
  • COMPLETE MULTIVITAMIN IMPROVES FOCUS: Focus Factor Extra Strength brain supplements contain a powerful combination of vitamins, minerals, and neuro-nutrients, that not only power your brain but can also replace your daily multivitamin
  • PROMOTES CONCENTRATION and MEMORY: Like other parts of your body, your brain needs proper nutrition to perform its best. This advanced formula improves and enhances memory, concentration, and your ability to focus
  • PREMIUM INGREDIENTS: Focus Factor brain support supplements are enriched with a powerful combination of premium ingredients like bacopa, ginkgo biloba, phosphatidylserine, DMAE, and a comprehensive blend of vitamins and minerals
  • QUALITY FORMULA: Focus Factor Extra Strength takes the original Focus Factor formula and increases the levels of key selected neuro-nutrients. Our brain focus formula contains no artificial colorings or sweeteners
  • FOCUS FACTOR: We offer a range of products designed to help you find your focus. Focus Factor has been America’s brain health supplement brand for nearly 20 years, with formulas for the whole family

Something to note right off the bat is that this is an extra-strength formula with super concentrated ingredients; you get a much higher dosage of brain boosting ingredients than you would with many other nootropic brain boosters.

What you may appreciate is that this product contains no artificial colors, sweeteners, fillers, fragrances, or preservatives. Now, it does not appear to be 100% natural, but it is for the most part, and it is most definitely safe to take as well.

As you can tell by the name of the product, the 3 main benefits provide better memory and recollection, increased concentration, and better focus. It will also help to increase cognitive abilities as a whole.

This brain booster comes loaded with beneficia ingredients such as DHA, DMAE, vitamins B6 and B12, bacopa, activin, and dozens of others too. Let’s keep in mind that this is a clinically researched and proven formula, one shown to increase memory recall by over 40%. It’s a bit pricier than some other options, but this is due to the highly concentrated formula. Customers say that it is worth the extra cost.

Vital Vitamins Brain Supplement

VITAL VITAMINS Brain Supplement Nootropics Booster - Enhance Focus & Mind, Boost Concentration, Improve Memory & Clarity for Men Women, Ginkgo Biloba,Dmae,Iq Neuro Energy, Vitamin B12 Bacopa Monnieri
  • Memory, Focus & Clarity - Our Brain Booster is a brain support supplement for both men and women, formulated with nootropic ingredients. Whether you're a college student, a workaholic, an athlete, or a busy parent, our supplements can help get you through any challenge life throws at you!
  • Energize Yourself - Brain Booster delivers nootropics which can help reduce fatigue. Developed as a focus supplement, our booster includes key ingredients like Dmae, which may help produce feelings of mental clarity, cognitive ability, memory and physical energy without the crash.
  • Stay Focused – Say goodbye to brain fog and be done with distractions. Each brain health supplement capsule delivers ingredients designed to support alertness for your everyday life. When the mind is active and in the right state, logical reasoning and creativeness are enhanced.
  • Premium Ingredients - Our Brain Booster supplement is made with vitamins and minerals, as well as with herbal extracts. It's non-GMO and free of hormones and gluten.
  • A Brand You Can Trust - This advanced memory supplement for the brain is professionally formulated in the USA in a GMP certified facility to ensure high quality production. Get your Brain Booster memory pills today!

When it comes to cost effective brain boosting supplements, this Vital Vitamins Brain Supplement is one of the most affordable options around at this time. It comes with 30 capsules — a full month’s supply for a very low cost.

What’s also worth mentioning is how this is an all-natural brain booster that does not contain any GMOs, harmful ingredients, gluten, hormones, or other artificial ingredients. This product is made with high quality vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts, and it is made in the USA in an FDA-registered and GMP-certified lab.

There are 3 ingredients included in this Vital Vitamins Brain Supplement, these being vitamin B12, ginkgo biloba, and DMAE. These ingredients come together to help enhance focus, boost concentration, improve memory, and more.

Something which customers say is that this supplement works immediately. The effects can be felt within days or even hours of taking the first dose — and all for a rock-bottom price. People also seem to appreciate how it’s a very small and easy to swallow pill.

Genius Consciousness

Genius Consciousness, Super Nootropic Brain Supplement Powder, Watermelon - Boost Focus, Cognitive Function, Concentration & Memory Booster - Alpha GPC & Lions Mane Mushroom for Neuro Energy & IQ
  • Awaken Your Mind: Genius Consciousness by The Genius Brand brings together strong, natural brain-enhancing ingredients in one great-tasting daily drink for high-performance thinking.* Formulated to help support improved memory, concentration, learning, recall, mood, and focus.* Watermelon flavor. 15 scoops per container.
  • Ignite Cognitive Function & Boost Creativity*: Dynamine, NeuroFactor, AlphaSize, and natural caffeine combine to get neurons to work faster and more efficiently, leading to greater working memory, focus, and learning.* SerinAid maintains and improves mental performance, can help improve mood, and can help keep you calm.* This supplement also helps eliminate brain fog and brush away the “haze” blunting your thinking and creativity.*
  • Protects & Preserves Neurons: Lion’s Mane and NeuroFactor stimulate brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) and nerve growth factor (NGF) to support the creation of new brain cells.* Genius Consciousness protects and preserves cognitive function with a hand-picked selection of nootropics that decrease neuronal excitability and excitotoxicity and combat inflammation.*
  • How to Use: To assess your tolerance when beginning use of this product, take a 1/2 scoop with 6-10 oz of water, depending on taste preference, and consume 15-30 minutes before mental concentration is required. If you’re comfortable with that and want greater energy and more intense focus, consume 1 full scoop with 8-12 oz of water. If you experience any displeasing side effects, discontinue use.
  • Supplement Smarter: Genius Brand supplements are a rejection of backwards industry dogma that misled generations of health and wellness enthusiasts. For us, scientific innovation and natural ingredients come first. Whether you’re a pro athlete, stay-at-home parent, retiree, or anything in between, our products can be of benefit to you. We’re all humans, and we are in this together.

Something worth mentioning right off the bat is that all of the ingredients included in this Genius Consciousness brain supplement are backed by proven science. The 4 main ingredients include AlphaSize (A-GPC), Dynamine, NeuroFactor, and SerinAid.

There are a variety of benefits which Genius Consciousness can bring to the table for users. These include better memory and increased recollection abilities, mood-bettering and stabilization, better problem solving abilities, increased concentration, increased focus, and more.

What needs to be said is that this is one of the most expensive brain boosting nootropic supplements on the list today. The high price seems to be due to the fact that all ingredients here are trademarked and scientifically proven to work. There’s also the fact that these ingredients are all natural and safe.

One of the only downsides to this product is that it comes in powdered form which you need to mix with water to take, and no, it does not taste very good.

Natrol Cognium Tablets, Brain Health, Keeps Memory Strong

Natrol Cognium Memory Tablets, Brain Health Support Supplement, Keeps Memory Strong, Clinically Shown to Improve Memory and Recall in Healthy Adults, Safe and Stimulant Free, 100mg, 60 Tablets
  • Natrol Cognium Memory is powered by a clinically shown ingredient to improve memory; Natrol Cognium keeps your memory strong.
  • Clean Ingredients: Free of artificial flavors and synthetic dyes; Cognium Memory is 100% Drug-Free, non-GMO, and stimulant free.
  • Better Memory: Cognium acts like an antioxidant for the brain, shielding it from oxidative stress as suggested in an in vitro study in healthy adults.
  • Benefits: Clinical studies have shown statistically significant improvements in memory and recall in healthy adults, in 4 weeks or less when taken as directed.
  • Natrol is one of the leading U.S. dietary supplement brands helping people around the world to support brain health.

Here you get a total of 60 brain boosting tablets, although keep in mind that it is recommended to take 2 per day, so it’s still only a 1 month supply. That being said, for a 1 month supply, the cost of these Natrol Cognium Tablets is more than reasonable. It’s not the most expensive brain booster on the market. Moreover, the pills are small and easy to swallow.

These Natrol Cognium Tablets contain one main ingredient, a compound made from a protein found in the threads of silkworm cocoons. This is the number one clinically studied and proven ingredient to increase general brain health.

This product has been shown to help protect the brain against oxidative stress and free radical damage while also increasing cognition, memory, and overall brain function. The downside is that studies show that it takes about 4 weeks for it to work, although that said, this is designed as a long-term brain booster, not for immediate results.


The final thing that needs saying is that making a recommendation in terms of the best brain boosting supplement for you is a bit difficult. This is the kind of thing where you may need to go through some trial and error to see what is best for you. Simply put, everybody reacts differently to various ingredients, so while one thing may work for somebody else, it may not work for you.

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