7 Everyday Brain Fitness Techniques

7 Everyday Brain Fitness Techniques

We always put so much emphasis on getting 30 minutes of physical activity every day for our health, and people go to great lengths to do their workouts. Whether you get up early for a morning walk, hit the gym each day, or swim laps in your backyard pool, we all understand the importance of physical exercise.

The brain is an important part of the body that also requires exercise, but it rarely gets enough. We’re beginning to understand just how effective brain exercises can be at improving cognitive function, and the key is to find something different and exciting to do each day.

We’ve come up with a list of seven of the best mind exercises you can work your way through to keep your brain guessing. With just 15 minutes a day, you’ll give your brain the workout it needs all thanks to these simple cognitive exercises.

#1: Listening To Music

Young Woman Listening To Music

Music is capable of so many things, but not many people realize that it can actually give your brain a workout too. The trick is finding the right music that promotes brain activity, which is usually something more complex than we’re used to listening to.

Classical music has been shown to increase brain activity, or you could take things further and learn a musical instrument for yourself. For people who already listen to classical, try foreign music or something that is completely out of your element.

#2: Brain Fitness Games

There are so many great brain fitness games available today so you have your pick out of many genres. There are card games, vocabulary games, board games, and more, and they’re aimed at both adults and children.

These games are targeted at building specific skills like logic or memory, and there are some that are good general exercise for the mind. Get a few in your collection and change things up to reap the most benefits.

#3: Memory Recall

There are lots of fun ways you can test your own memory, and in the process, you’ll actually be strengthening it. Try some memory exercises like writing down a number, covering it and trying to remember it. Or you could play a card game that requires you to recall where certain things are.

There are also some great brain games available that help you test your memory, but free ways to do it as well. As long as you are working that memory muscle in your brain you’ll be contributing to its growth. After just a few weeks the instances of lost car keys is sure to decrease.

#4: Telling Stories

Mom Telling Stories To Kids

If you’re used to reading bedtime stories to your kids or grandkids, you could make a simple change that will be training your brain and adding some more enjoyment for the kids as well. When we tell our own stories, whether real or imagined, we are sharing special things but also solidifying memories.

This helps to keep your own memories alive and also uses a new part of your brain when you create unique stories. It is a skill in itself becoming a competent storyteller, but one that will serve you well for the rest of your life.

#5: Read Something New

There are people who love nothing more than reading a good book, and for them, the brain exercise will come from reading a new genre or style of writing than what you’re used to. For people who never read books, this is a skill and a hobby that you will likely end up loving.

Just be careful not to stick to the same authors or genres and give your mind a proper workout. To give yourself an extra challenge, you might even try reading something in a foreign language and learning it for yourself.

#6: Develop New Skills

There are two great benefits to learning a new skill: one, you get to learn an amazing new skill, and two, it is an amazing workout for your brain.

It doesn’t matter what the skill is or how long it takes you to master, every second you spend working on it and improving will be giving your brain a workout. Once you master something, you can move on to another, and you’ll find no shortage of skills that you’re eager to learn.

#7: Change Things Up

Man Cooking Food

https://brainfitnesssolutions.com/brain-age-games/​​​Most of what we do each day happens as we run on autopilot mode. Brushing our teeth, making dinner, driving to work, all of these things we do every day and have a pretty strict routine that never changes. This means we never have to give it much thought.

To work out your brain, try doing things differently and see what happens. Brush your teeth in a new area of the house, try cooking a new style of cuisine, or take a different route to work. Any little change will get some huge brain activity happening and give you a mental boost.

Make Time For Your Brain Every Day

It’s time that we start putting as much emphasis on our brains as we do with the rest of our body and committing to 15 minutes a day. These brain exercises should be challenging and new to you, so it’s ideal to switch them up every now and then to keep your brain guessing.

Our brains can easily become dormant or lose their function when they’re not exercised, and as the one part of our body responsible for all others, it’s not something we want to risk. These exercises should be fun and challenging at the same time, so you won’t even feel as though you’re working out while you do them but you’ll be getting serious results.


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